Assessment Policy

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Submitting Assignments

  • Completed assignments must be submitted to your tutor for assessment by the stated deadline date, as per brief instructions.
  • All work should be submitted as per tutor instructions (instructions may include submission personally to the tutor and/or by email, during class time etc.) using the receipt structure in the student diary.
  • An assignment must be submitted to the tutor directly. No one else has the authority to accept an assignment on a tutor’s behalf.
  • The presentation of the assignments must be in accordance with the module brief.
  • Students must save and retain a copy of all submitted work. (As well as submitted assignments, the student is fully responsible for retaining a copy of all work, including supervisor’s reports of work experience etc.)
  • Your assignments, portfolio, exam, etc (as required for each module) are assessed by your tutor.
  • The work is then presented for inspection by internal and external verification in order to ensure accuracy and reliability of the work. The results are then approved by the Results Approval Panel, before being submitted to QQI for certification.
  • It is the college policy not to return work to students. Work will be destroyed following the appeal process.

Late Submission

If a student fails to submit their assignment before or on the agreed due date outlined in the assignment brief the assignment is deemed to be late.

  • A student who hands up a late assignment will automatically forfeit some marks on that assignment. Late assignments are calculated on the number of days / weeks the assignment is submitted after the submission deadline (these are calendar days, not college days). An assignment that is submitted after the class scheduled for submission to 1 week late will lose 10% of the total marks allocated to the assignment.

    • An assignment that is 1 week and a day to 3 weeks late will lose 15% of the total marks allocated to the assignment.
    • An assignment over 3 weeks late will lose 20% of the total marks allocated to the assignment.
  • In exceptional cases like illness or a family bereavement an assignment will not be deemed late if it is accompanied to by a medical certificate or death notice and submitted as soon as possible after the due date.
  • An extension may be arranged with the tutor but this MUST happen before the due date of the assignment and there must be an extenuating circumstance that makes completing the assignment on time impossible. The student must fill in the extension form available from the tutor. It is at the discretion of the tutor to allow the extension and a new submission date will be negotiated with the student, usually within one week of the original submission date. If the student does not submit the assignment on or before this second due date, it will be deemed late and the student will lose marks as per the schedule above.
  • A student will not be automatically entitled to feedback for a late assignment.
  • No assignment will be accepted after 8 weeks from the original due date.
  • No assignments will be accepted after the final academic year deadline, which will be given by management late in the academic year. This is to allow for QQI results’ entry.
  • In a semesterised module no assignment will be accepted after the final date of the semester.


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