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QQI Assessment


The majority of the courses in the college are assessed through a combination of written examinations and assignments. In assignments students are assessed on a continuous basis. These assessment results form a very significant part of the overall final grades and the students should ensure that they are fully aware of the assessment techniques, assessment schedule and percentage awarded for each piece of work. Assessment can take different forms, depending on the course, e.g. report, oral presentation, learner record etc. Tutors will provide students with feedback in either oral or written form, following the correction of the assignment.

Grading Scheme for Assignments

The following grading scheme used by Dunboyne College of Further Education in relation to FETAC Level 5 courses is as follows:

80 – 100% Distinction

65 – 79% Merit

50 – 64% Pass

0 – 49% Unsuccessful


All assignments will be outlined in a brief which the tutor will give to the student. The brief will outline the requirements of the assignment and will include the following:

  • The title of the assignment
  • The name and code of the module
  • What the student is required to do
  • How the assignment is to be presented
  • The amount of marks for the assignment
  • The word count, if necessary
  • Deadline date for submission
  • The marking criteria
  • Instructions for submission of assignment

It is the responsibility of the students to complete the assignment as per the instructions given in the brief.