Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


Course Code: 5M2102

QQI Award Code: 5M2102 - Business Studies

Level 5 Award National Framework of Qualifications 


This course is designed for those students who wish to develop their knowledge of Human Resource theories and applications. It will lead to employment opportunities in recruitment and personnel departments in a wide variety of companies throughout the city. This certificate can be used to progress to higher level studies in the Higher Education Institutes. Most major companies have a Human Resources department. Smaller companies usually have an employee whose job is to look after HR issues such as recruitment, staff training and development, labour law, the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees and other general Industrial Relations issues. This course offers an introduction to each of the above areas and so leaves the student informed and skilled when applying for related company positions.



Word Processing - 5N1358

Work Experience - 5N1356

Communications - 5N0690

Business Administration Skills - 5N1610

Marketing Practice - 5N1400

Accounting Manual & Computerised - 5N1348

Digital Marketing - 5N1364

Business Law - 5N2091

Human Resources - 5N3586


Graduates may pursue a diploma or degree in many universities or IT colleges around the country or, alternatively, may seek immediate employment in a range of human resource, business or marketing concerns. There is now a large range of certificates, ordinary and honours degree courses available to graduates on the newly expanded QQI links programme. The Pre-University Business option will allow students to progress to universities like Maynooth University, UCDDCU and DIT to pursue business, marketing, finance or commerce options. For example, DIT has many places on all of their business programmes and 450 in total in the college. Business graduates can also access over100 places in First Arts in Maynooth University.