Past student, Adam Coakley, joint winner in Manor Park Competition

Adam Coakley, Professional Cookery Level 6 2015/16 in DCFE, joint winner in Manor Park Competition

Last Thursday, Manor Park chicken company ran a competition where they asked students of the all culinary-based courses in DIT to create a chicken dish that could be made within 21 minutes. This amout of time was chosen as it is how long the average person spends making their dinner when they come home from work. The students had to first create their dish at home and write a report on it. Around twenty-five people entered the contest and the best five dishes were picked to be judged live. Adam, and four other students, had recreate four portions of their dishes within the 21 minute time limit in front of a judging panel.
The judges had whittled the five dishes down to two, one of them being Adam's. The judges could not pick one dish over the other so they awarded €1000 to both of the finalists.

Adam's dish was a breast of chicken with parmesan cheese and prosciuto ham, crushed peas with tarragon, crumbled black pudding and fried rosemary sprigs.

Well done Adam!