DCFE beat DIT in nailbiting finish

The DCFE soccer team narrowly beat a strong DIT side to progress to the next round of the cup.

Neil Byrne, who scored from the half way line, scored the only goal in regulation time for DCFE leaving the score at 1-1 at the final whistle which meant extra time was on the cards. The scoreline finished at 2-2 at the end of extra time with Emmanuel Nchenko hitting the back of the net for DCFE.

A penalty shootout was then required to separate the teams. Both teams hit the back of the net with their first 10 penalties leaving only one player from each team who hadn't taken one yet. DIT missed their 11th penalty giving DCFE an opportunity to clinch the win.

DCFE's final player Jordan Bradshow, who was injured, had to take the final penalty but made no mistake in firing the ball past the keeper. A fantastic result from a very close, and exciting, match.

Well done to the entire team and best of luck in the next round!