NEW Tourism and Travel Level 6 Course

This NEW award is designed to give students the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the role and function of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship within an organisation and in the growing Irish and international business sector. It offers learners the opportunity to develop effective general management skills with an understanding of the function of management within any organisation.

Students will study the following level 6 modules: Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Word Processing, Event Management, Communications and Work Experience. Students will also study Tourism Practice and Principles as well as Hotel Reception.

On successful completion of the Advanced Certificate QQI Level 6 students can access courses in Institutes of Technology, such as Tallaght, at advanced entry level. This programme offers a range of employment opportunities to pursue a career in business, finance, or management. Students can also gain employment in the tourism industry.

Full time courses start in September 2019.

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