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Interview Days - 25th January 2021, 12th March 2021 and 05th May 2021

DCFE Graduate Profile: Kayleigh Nestor

Kayleigh Nestor studied a QQI Level 5 in Horsemanship at DCFE and graduated in May 2020. After successfully completing her course, Kayleigh progressed to the QQI Level 6 in Equine Business at Dunboyne College of Further Education.

"I applied for the Equine Business course in 2019. I had a baby, so I was out of action with horses for a good three years prior to my application. I applied thinking it would be a good, 'refresher,' course to get my confidence back, but I gained so much more than bargained for. The tutors are excellent! They really keep you thinking and questioning things like the science behind why and how the equine systems react the way they do, and how if one system is off, it affects all the others. They break down the information so that it is practical and understandable. Even if you do not feel you're very, 'academic,' I would highly recommend this course. You are guaranteed to learn something new! And your horses may start to go better!

 I was not expecting to finish the year, let alone complete it with distinctions. My son was always sick in his creche so I had to work from home a lot and catch up with practicals. I had my own yearling to look after, a household to manage at the time, a standardbred in training for racing, and was in the process of moving to a new apartment. I cannot thank Catherine and Siobhán enough for their time, the education, their hard work, support, guidance and I am so grateful to have had them as my tutors. I completed my level 5 with distinctions in all equine modules and now I am here doing my level 6 thinking about University for the future.
It's mad to think that with the right support system, even without a Leaving Cert, if you can put the work in, opportunities will follow! I just got a job in a yard close to home. Dunboyne is the only college in Ireland currently to offer Equine Horsemanship, Equine Business and Equine Science. Begin here, go anywhere!"

Thanks for your contribution Kayleigh. We wish you continued success with your Level 6 and in your career.

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