May Exams

We hope all students are well and keeping safe and that remote learning is going well for you. Please don’t forget that all your tutors, academic and learning support and career guidance and counselling are all available to you and it is very important that you engage with them.

In light of An Taoiseach’s announcement yesterday, you will be aware that colleges are definitely not back until after the Easter break (and perhaps longer).

We wanted to reassure you that we are working hard to put in alternative plans for exams in May and we can tell you that exams will go ahead in May (and perhaps also during reading week).

However, you will understand that these plans take time and we need to see how things are going during Easter for us to get an exact timetable to you. We will let you know exact dates for your exams as soon as we can but presume they will be in the time period between 27/04/2020 and 15/05/2020. These exams will be conducted at home (unless we are back in college by then) and it will be important to follow exact instructions from the tutor. Some exams may be open book exams. We will confirm all details as soon as we can.

In the meantime keep working hard towards getting last assignments completed and revising for exams. Each tutor will guide you on what to revise.

Stay safe.