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Pre-Paramedic Fire and Ambulance (with PHECC EFR)

Community and Health Services 5M4468

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The following modules are subject to change due to availability and demand: 

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Safety and Health at Work
  • Emergency Department Care Skills
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Person Centered Focus to Disability
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Word Processing
  • Communications
  • Teamworking
  • Work Experience

Pre-Paramedic Fire and Ambulance

(with PHECC EFR)



This is an ideal course for anyone seeking a career in the emergency services. It will be a one-year course which will equip learners with all the vital skills needed to work in this fast paced environment. Not only will you learn about skills needed in the healthcare sector, you will also gain a good foundation if you wish to progress further in your studies.


  • QQI Level 5 in Community Health Services – 5M4468 
  • First Aid Response (PHECC FAR)
  • PHECC EFR (Emergency First Responder)
  • Breathing Apparatus Training
  • Fire Warden and Safety


Students from this course will gain a strong foundation in the paramedic sector.  They can then progress to several very specific training awards such as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) courses. Students can progress to a Paramedic Degree at University of Limerick (Mature students only).

South East Technological University Carlow provide a Bachelor of Business Emergency Services Management at a Level 8 over 4 years. Students can also progress to UK universities to complete a degree in Paramedic Science. Students from this program are well placed to gain employment with HSE National Ambulance Service as a student paramedic and with Dublin Fire Brigade as student paramedics/fire fighter and Dublin Airport Authority.

Mature students may apply for Paramedic Studies at University of Limerick. Alternatively, students can use the results of this course to apply for other health related and non-health related degrees at Level 7 and 8 in Universities and ITs/ Private colleges throughout the country.


  • Leaving Cert or LCA
  • Mature students of all backgrounds
  • Other equivalent qualification

All applicants will be interviewed regardless of previous qualifications.

Apply directly using the button below.


National Ambulance Service:
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Ambulance Training.ie

LM103 BSc Paramedic Studies
(Level 8, 4 Years)

*Mature Students Only

IT Carlow:
CW-BSEMS-B Bachelor of Business Emergency Services Management
(Level 8, 4 Years)

Diploma in Emergency Medical Science
(Through the HSE, EMT required first, 2 Years)


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Pre Paramedic Fire and Ambulance Student 2021-22 

While adjusting to the material took a second the fact that not only one but two of our teachers were paramedics themselves was nice. Being able to talk to them about what to expect, getting their professional opinion on things and such was useful. Having Terry in our corner was useful, whenever we had any issues, he solved them quickly and whenever it came to someone outside of the college such as questions about career progression or the next steps he was always there to help. Even going above and beyond in some aspects and getting favours from old friends and helping us by setting us up with information on jobs chances and what to do next.
So if I was going to mark the course it would be high but the teachers and the tutor we had really made it actually worthwhile. So yeah, this is pretty much a long-winded recommendation towards Terry and Niamh

 Isabelle Aboud, Pre Paramedic Fire and Ambulance Student 2021-22 (Commencing employment with HSE National Ambulance Service as a Student Paramedic in 2023)

The year I spent in Dunboyne College of Further Education doing a Pre-Paramedic & Fire PLC was full of fun, friends, learning and huge support from all the staff. The year equipped my friends and I to further our educational journey whilst still giving us time to figure out what we wanted to do in the future. Doing a plc was one of the best decisions I made in my educational journey, it has equipped me with skills and relationships that I will have with me for the rest of my life. My advice for any 6th year doing their leaving cert would be, even if you get 625 points consider a plc because it gives you the time to get a real taster of what career you might want to pursue without the added pressure of committing to a 4 year degree with the chance of studying something that you thought you would enjoy but could end up realising that it’s not what you want to do.

I would also advise anyone who is considering a plc to not think that it’s easy, it takes a lot of study and effort to achieve good results but once you do their are so many opportunities awaiting you. Once leaving the college, I and everyone I’ve met along the journey of further education agree that the students have a new perspective on education, actually enjoy the learning material and had a great overall experience. DCFE had many support systems in place for their students and were open to any suggestions or recommendations the students gave to improve the educational experience. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone young or old to do a plc! I can definitely say you won’t regret it.