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Pre-University Physiotherapy

QQI Level 5 in Laboratory Techniques – 5M3807

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The following modules are subject to change due to availability and demand:


  • Physiotherapy Assistant Practice
  • Physiotherapy Assistant Therapy Theory
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Laboratory Techniques
  • Kinesiology
  • Care Support
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Safety & Health at Work
  • Communications
  • Work Experience


This course is aimed at students interested in pursuing a career in Physiotherapy. Students who undertake this one-year course in Physiotherapy will gain an understanding of the principles and practices of rehabilitation and the treatment of injured, ill, or disabled patients through various therapeutic techniques, such as exercise, massage and taping. Students will develop an understanding of the human body and impaired mobility and its impact on human performance. They will gain an insight into various clinical settings and the implementation of client care and patient handling. Students will gain the skills needed by the HSE to work in the healthcare sector, which will help them to understand therapy programmes and support clients in restoring or improving their mobility and overall function.



  • QQI Level 5 in Laboratory Techniques 5M3807


This course enables graduates to progress to related level 8 degrees and then to the level 9 Physiotherapy Masters in universities such as UL, UCD and UCC. There are many progression options for students to study Physiotherapy in the UK. Graduates may also apply for several other related level 7 and 8 degrees in universities and IT’s or private colleges around the country. Mature students are eligible to apply for Physiotherapy undergraduate degrees in all universities. On completion of this award students can progress on to potential employments as a Physiotherapy Assistant or as a Health Care Assistant in the Healthcare Industry.

DCU: DC204 Athletic Therapy and Training (Level 8, 4 Years) South East Technological University Carlow: CW188 Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy (Level 8, 4 Years) Technological University of the Shannon Athlone: AL841 Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy (Level 8, 4 Years) TUD Tallaght: TU936 Sports Science and Health (Level 8, 4 Years) Technological University of the Shannon Athlone: AL837 Sports Science and Exercise Physiology (Level 8, 4 Years) Graduates can progress to related undergraduate degrees in Ireland and then apply for Physiotherapy Masters programmes in universities such as UCC, UCD and UL. Mature Students can progress to related undergraduate degrees


  • Leaving Cert or LCA
  • Mature students of all backgrounds
  • Other equivalent qualification

All applicants will be interviewed regardless of previous qualifications.

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Trinity: TR060 Biologicial and Biomedical Sciences (Level 8, 4 Years)

Maynooth: MH201 Science (Level 8, 3-4 Years)

DCU: DC201 Common Entry Science (Level 8, 4 Years)

TU Dublin City Campus: TU854 Science (Level 8, 4 Years)

DCU: DC163 Chemical Science (Level 8, 4 Years)


Course fees of €200 are to be paid before registration and include course materials, examination fees and a €30 non-refundable deposit.