Graduate Association

Hundreds of our graduates are members of our Dunboyne College Graduate Association, where they stay engaged with the college long past graduation. They join the association because they have enjoyed their time in the college and want to give back in some way. They are heavily involved in the promotion of the college and like to stay informed about what’s happening.

Each year the Graduate Association hosts an event. These have included: the launch of the Graduate Association Book in Dunboyne Castle Hotel; a one-woman play in the Solstice Theatre, Navan; and a free gig by renowned band the Hothouse Flowers in Dunboyne Castle Hotel.

What is a Graduate Association?

A graduate association is made up of former students (alumni) of the college.

It aims to maintain a connection between the college and its graduates, to encourage co-operation, lifelong learning and professional and social growth.


Why should you join?

By joining the Dunboyne College Graduate Association, you will:

  • Be kept up to date about what is happening in Dunboyne College
  • Have opportunities to network with other graduates
  • Be able to keep in touch with Dunboyne College
  • Be able to pass on your experience of your time here in Dunboyne College, and afterwards, to the next generation of students
  • Be a part of a community that promotes collaboration and personal and professional development

How to join?

Fill out the following short Graduate Details form here

Graduate Association Book

Our “Graduate Association Book 2003-2018” can be viewed here.