Learning Hub Support Services

This section provides resources for students who have AEN.

Throughout the academic year, the Learning Support Team have appointments with students with AEN which focus on the following areas:


  • Organisation, time and self management skills
  • Note-taking skills and assistive technology
  • How to make the most out of assistive technology
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Exam study skills

The Learning Hub​

What is the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is the central support area for all students. 

All students can avail of support in the following areas:

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Access Office

Some students may have educational and medical needs that impact upon their academic studies. These students should register with the Access Office based in the Learning Hub building. 

Students who have been previously formally assessed (through Educational Psychologists, Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Neurologists or Specialist Registrars etc.) are automatically registered with the Access Office once a needs assessment is carried out.

Students without a formal assessment but who previously had a spelling and grammar waiver, can talk with the Learning Hub team about booking a free Dyslexia Adult Screening Test.

The aim of Learning Hub support is to:

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ESOL – English as a Second/Other Language

ESOL (English as a Second/Other Language) is aimed at the increasing numbers of international students seeking to study at English-speaking colleges of further and higher education. 

In DCFE, our ESOL support aims to:

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Our Sensory Room

Our sensory room is available for students who wish to have a quiet space for some rest and relaxation. The sensory room can be booked through the Bookings application.

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Ulreeka, our Community Support Dog

Ulreeka, our DCFE Community Support Dog

What is a community dog?​

Community Dogs support adults or children with autism or different individual needs.

Community Dogs work in a range of community settings & facilities (including schools, care facilities & therapy rooms)​

Ulreeka handlers are Catherine Joyce & Emer Cloak and are based over in the Learning Hub​.

They are trained and approved by IGDB & assessed by ADI​.

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Meet our Learning Hub Support Team

Catherine Joyce

Catherine Joyce

Educational Support Coordinator

Aoife O’Dwyer

Aoife O’Dwyer

ESOL Coordinator DAST Testing

Sinead Rooney

Sinead Rooney

Personal Assistant

Carla Joyce

Carla Joyce

Personal Assistant



DCFE Community Dog