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Welcome to DCFE’s Going Green Page.

Dunboyne College is working towards registering as a Green Campus by setting up a committee of Staff and Students.  If you have any interest in this area new members are always welcome, please contact Orla at [email protected]

For more information about the work that has been carried out by staff and students, please see articles below:

Environmental Editorials 

  Climate Changes

Climate changes effects on wildlife and how elephants benefit us

Climate Change and Agriculture, what farmers can do to help out

Global Warming

WHO report claims that thirteen deaths occur per minute globally due to air pollution

Impact of Influencers on Climate Change

The Drought Of Lake Mead

Species are becoming extinct 100 times faster than they would without human impact

Deforestation, When Will it End?

 Is overpopulation inevitable?

“The spread of wildfires and its devastating effects.”

The push for wind energy

A silent sky-The decline of an Irish icon